Innovation requires teamwork.

Landmark Pegasus provides an advisory, analytical, and connective role to many clients wishing to successfully commercialize their intellectual properties through licensing deals and strategic partnerships, including:

  • Product and Technology Licensing
  • Joint Ventures
  • Strategic Partnerships

The current life sciences landscape is filled with innovative firms seeking to bring their technologies to market. The most common barrier to these firms seeking to out-license a novel, innovative technology is a lack of access to the potential partners who can help them successfully commercialize it. Landmark Pegasus has an extensive network of these invaluable potential partners. Landmark can assist you in securing licensing deals quickly and with the most appropriate domestic or international partner for your technology.

If a joint venture deal is the appropriate vehicle for commercialization, Landmark will oversee the process from initial outreach through deal completion. Our many years of industry specific experience helps turn what might be an otherwise daunting analytical and legal process into something that benefits all parties involved. We have an extensive network of legal, accounting, and regulatory affiliates to help expedite this process for you.

Strategic partnerships can create long-term growth opportunities for your business. There is no better way to secure these types of partnerships than by engaging with a firm that possesses the necessary connections and the ability to assess which deals will position a client most advantageously. Landmark Pegasus has a long history of orchestrating such deals.

When assessing potential partnerships it is critically important to have access to updated information about where the industry is moving. Our extensive experience and broad industry network give our clients greater insight to their industry’s possible future directions.

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